CBD Fair - MWH Brand launch 家x境





在形式上,產品融入懸浮概念,半高牆的設計表達增加空間通透感;櫃門豐富了牆面空間,弱化了衣櫃的存在,觀之是牆,實則是衣櫃;  轉角即遇見藝術-或開放或封閉的轉角裝飾櫃;藝術家方文山的藝術品,讓整個空間傳遞現代生活的生活藝術風潮。打造出一個具備極簡之調,素雅之魂的空間。


CBD Fair-The annual International Important Exhibition of MWH. The designer uses profound experiential design to emphasize the difference between products and other homogeneous companies.

The designer uses the experimental lifestyle of "floating", makes good use of new technology to transform products, and conveys the new life experience in the future.

Any place defined by "home" is the "domain" of MWH. To create unlimited thinking with limited area.

This includes a combined scene: study room, clothes closet, and cloakroom. It presents a multifunctional space and switches between different scenes, giving us unlimited imagination.

In terms of form, the product incorporates the concept of suspension, and the design expression of the half-height wall increases the transparency of the space; the cabinet door enriches the wall space and weakens the sense of the existence of the clothes closet. It looks like a wall but is a clothes closet.

Meet art at the corner - open or closed specially designed cabinets. Artist Vincent Fang's artworks, let the whole space convey the trend of modern living art. Create a minimalist and elegant soul space.

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