Geberit Group, Shanghai 時間軌跡

全球第一管道潔具 - 瑞士高端百年大品牌Geberit吉博力上海旗艦展廳




Because the building in the first time when the Geberit products were installed, the interior was mostly cement, So the main concept is thus produced : "wall" is a good friend of Geberit. 

We use the same floor drainage system designed in front of the wall and behind the wall to give customers a better understanding of the pipes in the wall and the products outside the wall. Hidden invisible technology is very important.


This Geberit China flagship exhibition hall, in the way of jumping off all the bathroom showrooms. The designer uses the concealed construction concept behind the wall front wall and outside the wall to design, so that the simple cement wall can bring out the product characteristics.

At the bathroom department store,you can identify the brand at a glance. It also allowed the design of this exhibition hall to be copied back to Europe and the world.

Simple and not simple, the cement wall should be well-formed, well-groomed, vertical horizontal lines, and groove-preventing grooves on the column to soften the sharpness of the column.

The largest drainage interpretation wall strongly demonstrates the product features.

Our customers are very satisfied with our innovative differentiation and recognition of their brands, which will increase their sales rate in the Asian market up by 30%.

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