A free community settlement 自由聚落

主題: 自由的社區聚落

價值: 將走道的空間與窗景獨立

情境: 沿著蜿蜒的空間行走

社區聚合之間,行走空間動線的設計,利用不同量體的組合與堆迭交融,行而轉變成直線,或曲線的片牆元素,重新定義空間動向上的個性,界定場域邊線,重構功能。也帶出空間材質各自表述,例如: 代表電腦科技訊息「0」的玻璃磚,為「清高自潔」的象徵,代表「1」的紅磚,像是生活在同一個鄰戶感受之中「情感聯繫」的社區意識。帶有孔洞的金屬板引入不同層次感,貫穿空間如「城市鄰里」街道。隱約木紋的材質讓人感受溫暖,創造「自然舒適」安心的生活姿態。



The client focuses on real estate, renting and selling properties in communities. The designer extends the concept of community to office design, following WELL certification guidelines for the most comfortable working space.

Design creates independent corridors and window views. People walk along winding paths between community gatherings. The design utilizes different combinations and stacking of volumes to transform into straight or curved wall, thereby redefining the flow and boundaries of the space.

Materials carry symbolism: Glass bricks represent "0" in computer technology messages, symbolizing cleanliness; red bricks (it is fundamental construction material in Taiwan- as a reminder of the rich heritage and cultural significance of Taiwanese architecture.) represent "1," symbolizing emotional connection among neighbors.

Design approach promotes spatial diversity with energy-saving + human comfort, installation art + transformative experiences, recreation + playfulness, and natural planting + nurturing of the mind and body. Space is utilized in various directions, allowing people to freely encounter light, plants, and each other, fulfilling diverse needs and seating space.

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