Green ‧ Restful

Green ‧ Restful

Home to a further distance

綠光‧ 漫遊



The natural world is so beautiful during those summer days in Luodong, Taiwan. Flowers fill the entire Luodong sports park, birds fly between trees, and beautiful grass leisurely relaxes under the pine trees in the rain. What lovely scenery!


The approach links the old residence to the new house and vice versa. The resulting distance is equal between the two, but the link is subtle. The new residence carries the emotions of old memories. Laughter, hope, children maturing, reading, bathing, sleeping, tea with friends, cooking – all are captured. With joy continuing in the new residence, family and friendships will endure.  The new residence captures and preserves the love deeply embedded into the old residence.


We value “home”.  Our principle is to provide the finest design and to deliver the highest quality professional construction. To achieve our concepts, we emphasis the quality of the materials, follow the guidance revealed by the nature of the space, and consider how ecological elements, time, and the overall environment into our project. Our design provides our clients twice as much space and enjoyment with an emphasis on family and community. The owner can relax, enjoy and feel comfortable in this magnificent, leisure space far away from the crowd. Like a truly unique dish or painting, the design leads one to a wonderful and profound experience.


 Although there were some hurdles during the entire design process, as a designer, I am happy that I can provide a quality living space for my clients. It is the true spiritual life that the best of us pursue.

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