Order of original color

原色秩序 Order of original color 在生活中,神奇的0.618似乎無處不在,生活中的各種需要都交叉相處而平衡,這樣的話,生活的正面就大於負面,把個人與生活整合,家庭的生活關係也能達到完美地平衡狀態。

In life, the magical 0.618 seems to be everywhere. The various needs in life can be crossed together and balanced. In this way, the positive side of life is greater than the negative. The individual and life are integrated, and the family life relationship can be perfectly balanced.

概念: 利用黃金比例來強調協調性、極致的美學比例。黃金矩形簡單來說就是在一個長寬值為 (1+√5)/2的長方形中、畫滿一個正方形,而剩下的那個矩形區塊就是黃金比例,是人眼看上去最舒服的矩形之一。黃金分割在藝術上的運用被稱做「動態對稱性」,就讓人聯想到藝術家蒙德里安。在理性分隔中按照一定的比例進行分割、排列稳定的平衡秩序與美感。包括均衡(Balance)、和諧(Harmony)、比例(Proportion)、韻律 (Rhythm)、反覆(Repetition)、秩序(Order)、統 一(Unity)、單純(Simplicity)等。


Concept: Designers use the Golden Section to emphasize spatial coordination and the ultimate aesthetic proportion. The golden rectangle is simply a square filled in a rectangle with a length and width of (1 + √ 5) /2, and the remaining rectangular block is the Golden Section. The golden rectangle is one of the most comfortable rectangles for human eyes. The use of the Golden Section in art is called "dynamic symmetry." Which is reminiscent of the artist Mondrian. In the rational division, according to a certain proportion. The stable balance order and beauty are arranged. These include Balance, Harmony, Proportion, Rhythm, Repetition, Order, Unity, and Simplicity.

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